Mobs gives you the ability to control almost every aspect of the mobs on your server, and a few other things on top.

Mobs 1.6.4 b2 can be found here, and Extra Events 1.6.4 b2 here.

The concept is simple – as your server is running, things are constantly happening. Players are mining, mobs are spawning, the sun is going down, it’s starting to rain, etc.

Behind the scenes, CraftBukkit is sending messages to all interested plugins about these events. Player John broke a block of stone in world at location 55, 23, 137; A sheep died in world at location 209, 77, 22, etc. There are dozens of events, and thousands of these messages are sent every minute.

Most plugins listen for a few of these messages and act upon them. Mob-blocking plugins, for example, listen for new mobs spawning somwehere, and then look at the config to decide whether to allow or block the mob from spawning. Chat filtering plugins listen for the player is chatting messages and block/edit them according to the config.

Mobs listens for most (eventually all) of the mob-related messages, and a few extra ones, and gives you the option to block, allow, or alter the effect of the event.

However, it goes beyond that in that it allows you to use the event to perform one or more actions. So, while you may not want to interfere with creepers spawning, you can use this event to change the weather, set the time, drop an item somewhere, give someone some experience points, or as many of the dozens of possible actions that you want.

Additionally, it’s possible to use conditions to filter the events you act upon. Want to give creepers a 1 in 1000 chance of taking out half your house when it explodes? Not a problem (except for the house).

Mobs takes a lot of time to maintain, so if your server enjoys the effects Mobs can create please consider sending some love my way!
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